Technology’s Consequence Collides With Nature

I happened to look out of the window at around 6:30 this morning–just in time to see a huge contrail running from horizon to horizon. And then, of course, the sunrise hit it . . .

Whoa. Deep, Massive Whoa.

The photos below are followed by a video of the thing–marking, I think, the first time I’ve used that function on my iPhone. (The featured music is Brian Eno’s “Asteroid Dawn,” from Curiosities, Volume 2.)

If There’s An Afterlife, This Is It

Locally, they’re just finishing rebroadcasting a remastered version of the 1987 “Roy Orbison: Black And White Night.” He was flanked by Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and T-Bone Burnett. The backing vocalists were Bonnie Raitt, KD Lang and Jennifer Warnes.

On the astronomically slim chance that there is a heaven, this is a breathtaking glimpse of it.

Feline Fringe


This is basically like one of those trans-dimensional episodes of Fringe, but starring cats. 

In the battle for Laundry Day Lay-About Supremacy, my deeply eccentric roommates switched places no less than six times. And then, according to some obscure kitty calculus, it was suddenly So Two Minutes Ago, and they would no longer be caught dead participating in it . . .