A Month Of Me: The Film

Today finally marks the end of my morphing avatar on Twitter. I can’t speak for you, but I began to think I’d never see the end of this project. What started out as a playful comment on the more constant avatar-shifters somehow became 30 days of performance art. In retrospect, I still like the idea of a single avatar that daily changes stylistically. I think it appeals to my inner-Warhol.

But the problem was how to give the project genuine closure. Somehow the simple resumption of my official avatar seemed, well, wimpy. It was then my friend Susan Champlin (@susanchamplin on Twitter) suggested that I conclude the project with a time-lapse summary. Perfect. (A virtual kiss on Ms Champlin’s always-thinking forehead for the brilliant idea.)

And so to conclude this weeks-long performance, I give you A Month Of Me, the–um–film. The version of “Vanishing Act” that serves as the soundtrack was excerpted from 2004’s Animal Serenade. It’s written and performed by Lou Reed and copyrighted to him.

(One last thing–learn from me, and never wade into something that requires you to change your picture on Twitter everyday at 6:00 AM without fail. Just sayin’ . . . )

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