8.3 Hours / 119 Songs / 975.2 MB

In addition to my current house guest, I’ve been soldiering through a period of insomnia–and depsite a number of attempts, the period between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM has proven unconducive to the sort of writing that holds up in the literal light of day. I’ve thus made the best of my sleeplessness by finishing the last of the JG Ballard short stories, performing all manner of usually mind-numbing computer maintenance and tackling odd-ball projects that day-side time demands would otherwise make impossible.
Last night’s You-Did-What? endeavor was the chronological assembling of the complete UK Pet Shop Boys singles and their B-sides. And yes, I can feel you judging me from way over here. Although no, we’re not going to explore why I had all the required source material at my fingertips at 3:30 in the fucking morning.
While I freely admit that doing this was a tad obsessive, it was inevitable that some other pop collector would eventually get around to researching and assembling the playlist, so I thought it might as well be me–because the bragging rights, although dubious, out-weigh any sidelong and pitying glances regarding the project.
Below is the result of my nocturnal labor–along with the generous inclusion of the source discs–you know, just in case you feel a deep need to replicate this project. Or want to win bar bets with proof that, yes, someone actually was bent enough to lovingly wrangle together this material.
And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve still got about seven-and-a-half more hours of listening . . .
Original ‘Story’ cover design by Farrow and PSB / Illustration by Gary Stillwell / Adapted by kulturhack