Take Me (Chamber SonX): Restored And Reposted

Background: This project is comprised of seven pieces released by Peter Hammill in 1996. Songs from Sonix and X My Heart have been edited and remixed into a single chamber work: In essence, 47 minutes of source material has been reimagined as a 12.25 minute suite. In  addition to the performances of Peter Hammill, the late violinist and PH associate Stuart Gordon also appears across this remix.

The suite was constructed over the course of a winter weekend and sent with trepidation to Hammill, asking him for permission to post. (Because, after all, every composer enjoys a stranger cutting, splicing and rearranging his work and then splashing it across the Internet.) His reply was gracious: “Well, an interesting little project…not quite the way *I’d* do it, ho ho…. but certainly in the honourable tradition of remixes, albeit longform version.” He further and kindly said that he’d have no problem with me “hoisting this up” to the Web.

All music copyright 1996 by Peter Hammill

2011 Remix by kulturhack

Photo by Gig Goer UK